Great Painting Checklist

painting techniques

Get the  28 item checklist here. Remember this is a great checklist but feel free to customize it for you and your art.

I will send you links to a PDF and a Word doc. version(changeable)

Please be patient we have a lot of requests for this and it may take a day to get it to you.

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"Dan, I appreciate your willingness to share your experiences, trials and errors, as well as your successes with us. Because I do not have
much money to spend on lessons and courses, your tips have been a valuable source of encouragement and insights that help me risk
painting. Thank you!" Terri Mobley Alta Loma, CA.

"I am just beginning your land scape class, but Know I will find it to
be every thing I hope it will be just as the weekly tips has been."...
 Barbara Nunham Pentwater, Mi.







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