Paintings by Daniel Edmondson

 I Wanted Better Paintings

By Daniel Edmondson


I was taking classes and reading books and I felt like I just wasn't getting it. I felt like other people around me were getting it or at least they seem to be, but I just couldn't get my art past a certain level, to where I felt like my paintings were starting to look professional and good. I even at one point thought the secret might be in the paint and in the type of paint brushes the others used so I bought theirs thinking that was going to solve my problems. It didn't.

I came later to realize that the thing that was missing was
"the whys" the why you do things in painting. With an understanding of the whys I would have the foundation in which to move forward and make much better paintings.
So I set out to make a system where everything I painted had a reason behind it and then it would be much easier to move forward creating better paintings.

I would hear teacher say use three things not two, not to don't put something in the center of a canvas, but no one could
really explain the reasons why you do these really simple things. And, many other rules that I found conflicted from one teacher to another. It was super frustrating.

But once I understood the whys then it was easy for me to move forward and know when to apply rules and when to ignore all these made-up rules.

It became so frustrating at times that I actually wanted to quit painting but I just couldn't, I loved it too much...so, I had to solve it…. and these are the methods I came up with.*


“Sherlock method”* for knowing what's wrong in my painting. Works great to find problems #1 that I didn't even know exist... And... #2 for figuring out specifically what's wrong with the painting when I know something's wrong and can't put my finger on it.


“The 4X drawing method”* for painters. How I  get drawing right every time and get spatial relationships correct the easy 4X way. I no longer need to draw with a pencil or trace on my canvas before I start. So I can get painting right away and get the drawing right too.


“Color Mixology System for painters”*
Step by Step System I use to get exact color needed every time without getting muddy or chalky colors. Three color mixing theories discussed and evaluated.



“Magnetic Composition Method”* Unique Technique I use for composing great compelling and magnetic compositions that holds the viewer's attention like a magnet using repetitive eye paths through scientific light and color affinities. I use this for still life, landscape, and figure paintings. Even works great for abstract paintings too.


***Painting Tip: when you name your painting methods like I have above it makes it easier to remember to use them when you paint. So have fun and name everything you do.


10 different DVDs 10 Paintings
10 DVDs take you from start to finish for each of the ten paintings presented. You get to jump right in and create a beautiful painting start to finish your first day. No boring lectures on theory…all the “WHYs” are explained to you, as you are painting each of the paintings.

Each of the Demos are Step By Step Start to Finish with nothing left out

 Watch a short preview lesson NOW:

actual online version and DVD version larger and higher quality

How the 10 DVD 10 Painting Starter course works: - Once you get the course you will receive by email Photos of a still life set-up, not only a photo of a still life but close-ups of the important features of the still life. These photos will be ready to print either from your printer or from your local photo store or drug store. You also can work from your computer monitor if you prefer. This is so you can start right away. You will be emailed photos for each 10 paintings.   - You will receive online Videos and DVDs by mail(you will get all 10 DVDs right away in the mail).


Prefer Landscapes?  Click Here: Landscape oil painting DVDs


Here is a look at the paintings from the course:


 Very brief outline of classes

Painting/DVD 1

Tools of the artist: Brushes / Paints / mediums / canvases / panels / varnishes / palettes / knifes / easels / lighting / more

Terminology, priming

Assignment: prime and prepare canvases / panels  for the next few weeks.

Paint a simple still life oranges and grapes Demo

 Painting/DVD 2

Different ways of starting a painting

Paint a simple still life: Leaves with Warm Pear 

Painting/DVD 3

 Color mixing made easy

Painting/DVD 4

Backgrounds: one of the hardest parts of painting...simplified

 Painting/DVD  5

How to manage: Working from photos vs. Working from a computer monitor vs. Working from life

Clear glass

Painting/DVD 6

Working methods different approaches find what works the best for you

Painting/DVD 7

Leaves and Branches 

Painting/DVD 8

Blossoms and Flowers

 Painting/DVD 9

 how to setup a good still life / composite paintings

Painting/DVD 10

Putting it all together: brighter brights, richer colors, clean color

Here is what you will get:


--> 10 DVD 10 Painting Starter Course by Daniel Edmondson


--> "Sherlock method”* for knowing what's wrong in my painting.


--> “The 4X drawing method”* for painters.


--> “Color Mixology System for painters”*


--> “Magnetic Composition Method”*


--> 10 - Painting critiques and Q&A by Daniel Edmondson

--> Videos on how to price and sell your paintings online through eBay or a Blog. This is where I will show you my secrets on how I sold over 200 paintings online in less than a year

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