Disclaimer (sorry I have to have one):


Results may vary

You may get better, you may not get better.

Even though some people do get better at painting, make more sales, and become better artists from my product, I simply canít guarantee that you will get better at painting, make more sales, and become a better artist. In fact, you may get worse from watching me. I think that it would be extremely difficult to watch my DVDs and online videos and get worse rather than better but I have to say that it can happen.

Painting is very individualistic and everyone has their own style and philosophies on art. Not everyone who takes my courses can connect with me. I donít know who couldnít connect with a nice and funny artist but there are people out there that donít like thatÖ



If you donít like the first DVD you get, you wonít like any of them. So please simply send the first  DVD as well as ALL of the remaining unopened DVDs for a full refund back to me within  30 days at:  

Edmondson Studio

8275 West Massey Drive

Littleton, CO



Copyright Issues

I grant You and ONLY You copyright license to the photographs I send you and allow you and ONLY you to paint and sell those paintings from those pictures. In no circumstances can you sell, give away, or distribute the photos or ideas from the DVDs, Online Videos, and ALL other material included in the product to any other person. That would violate this copyright and the license you are granted. I do request that you simply give me recognition if a question arises about the whereabouts of the location and/or how you painted the painting.

Notes about Copyright:

  • Feel completely free to sell these paintings without any mention of my name or this course unless you want to
  • In fact, we recommend that you sell your paintings from this course
  • Digital photos cannot be shared, lent out, sold, or rented

© Copyright Notice: These photographs, online videos, and DVDs are copyrighted by Daniel Edmondson. All Rights Reserved. As the purchaser you are granted license to use these for your individual paintings while in the course provided by Daniel Edmondson only. These photographs canít be lent, sold, given away, reproduced (other than printing for your own use for the purpose of this course), or be shown in a group setting as in a classroom whether a fee is charged or not or in any other fashion without written permission from Daniel Edmondson. Please respect this copyright and the spirit of this course.



Online Material and Videos and DVDs

I allow you and ONLY you access to my video pages as well as material that only you, the paying customer, has access to. In no circumstances can you reproduce, give away, or distribute any form of these materials as in access to these sites and/or information to any other person whether itís passwords for videos, DVD copyís, websites, and all other material given to you from me as part of the product. I do, however, highly recommend getting a friend to buy the DVDs as well and you do the course together.


Shipping and Handling

I will send you your DVDs as soon as I can. Some days I get more orders in then I can handle so there may be a slight delay. So with that said, I canít guarantee when your DVDs will arrive. So please be patient and remember that you have immediate access to the course via the 0nline versions on the web.


Any unauthorized reproduction or distribution of any and all material from OilPaintingWorkshop.com is subject to legal action; and is protected by international, Federal, State and Local law. Any concerns as to the legality of reproduction or distribution should be directed to:


Oil Painting Workshop attn: Disclaimer

Edmondson Studio

8275 West Massey Drive

Littleton, CO


U.S.A. (01)970.308.3221




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