Weekly on-line Oil Painting Classes


This class is no longer available


Let me explain how the online class works:

- Every week you will receive by email Photos of a still life set-up, not only a photo of a still life but close-ups of the important features of the still life. These photos will be ready to print either from your printer or from your local photo store or drug store. You also can work from your computer monitor if you prefer.

- You will also receive a guide to each week’s lesson in your email with ideas and comment to concepts and strategies for the painting

-  Work on your painting 

- Email me a picture (click here to see a short video on how to shoot and email) of  your painting in progress if you want a critique and suggestions…I will email you back an Audio or video file with ideas and suggestions on how to improve your painting. What a great concept ...to get help on a painting without having to leave the comfort of your home/studio.

-Web video of demo/lecture specific to the painting we are working on and questions and answers Submit your questions early and I will try to get to everyone’s questions. …You will be emailed the site and password.

- Complete the paintings and email another picture for final thoughts.

Coming Soon

Learn the fundamentals of painting at home in a no pressure environment. Paint along with the instructor, one on one instruction and demonstrations. We will learn about the artist’s materials, composition, mood, atmosphere, color mixing, movement, design, and just how to have fun with paint. This class will go through the entire painting process from start to finished paintings you will be proud to hang. We will learn how to set up simple and complex still life paintings. We will then paint these paintings from start to completion using expressive colors and brushwork. This class will focus on having fun while we master the fundamentals and develop your own unique singular style. Register and take your art to the next level.

Join all the other artists who have studied with Master Teacher Daniel Edmondson and start selling more paintings.

minimum: 6 students maximum: 15 students


$75 for 4 weeks start anytime.                                  email:  studio@oilpaintingworkshop.com to register 


     If outside the U.S. International Shipping Rates Apply email for pricing

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