Comments from my Student Artists about Painting Classes


Comments from my Student Artists about Painting Classes

Disclaimer: These testimonials are true to the individual who said them, results may vary from person to person. From time to time students email me or leave comments to tell me about their experiences and I wanted to share these with you. Your best bet is to actually watch the DVDs/Videos and do the paintings and I think you will have a great time and learn a lot!


" Hi Dan,
Believe it or not, I just discovered your video 'critique'. In fact, I found the critique of lesson 2, the Pear, first, and then came back here looking for lesson #1 critique. I won't dwell on either one too much except to say thank you for the very kind comments and for the great suggestions. I'll be painting the highlight on the orange tomorrow!!. But really what I want to say is that I think your course is the bargain of the century. I'm blown away by the information you willingly share in each and every video, but you don't stop there. You add extra videos on materials and beginning paintings, and offer bonus DVDs that are wonderful. And now the critiques. Dan, I've paid more than twice as much for "live" workshops many times. I've never come remotely close to the learning experience you offer. I feel like I have learned more in just the first two lessons than all the workshops combined. Your videos and critiques are so accessible, honest, friendly and open that it feels like I am in the studio with you watching over your shoulder. Not only are you a wonderful artist, but you are a gifted teacher. The combination is beyond rare. I'm so glad I decided to risk a couple bucks and try the course. What a buy! What the heck was I hesitating about?? I can't wait to get started on lesson #3, but it's like reading a great book: you love every page, but each one you turn makes you aware that you'll finish all too soon. I guess I'll cling to the happy fact that I still have the landscape painting course after the final still life.

In all sincerity, Dan, thanks for a great experience.

Bruce Hancock "


" Dear Dan
I only have two more lessons to do to complete the Still
Life series. I have to tell you that I have noticed a
tremendous difference in my paintings from before you
and after you. (not only I have noticed the difference but
people close to me who have seen all my paintings) This
is the most valuable lessons I have learned from you:

1. I am no longer afraid of color and values !! This is the
most important lesson I have learned, to really use color,
lots of colors used wisely!!! I used to be so careful about
colors not being too bright that I notice now that many of
my previous painting were flat in value. I notice a new
richness in all of them as they all are more colorful and you
can see the different values in them

2.I learned to be "generous" with paint. In the past I used very
little paint and I used to just "lick" the canvas, again that
caused my work to look flat and anemic LOL. Now thanks to
you, I learned to use a lot more paint and move it around with
the palette knife to have a subtle change in values without
hard lines. With little paint in the canvas it is impossible to do
that and my previous work had quite a lot of hard edges where
there should have been soft ones.

3. I learned to keep my paints "clean" without mud by not only
using more paint but do a few clean strokes and reload my brush.
In the past I used little paint, lick it over the canvas, rinsed in turp
and moved to another color. that is how I created so much mud in
the past that I ended up not liking the painting at all, I would just
leave it to completely dry and then come back and try to do the
same mistake over and over. Now I do a complete painting from
beginning to end without having to go back for a second coat.

From all the workshops I have been to, all the books I have read and
all my trials and error, I have never been able to really take my
paintings to the level they are now. Workshops and books all show
different techniques, which is fine but from no one until you, I learned
what I wanted to learn the most, how to make my paintings look fresh,
vibrant, clean and colorful. I am so glad I did this and so glad I met
you and all the people I am now friends with in the Oil Painting group.
I only wish I could have more time to paint like they do (maybe when I retire)

Again, thank you so much for all the great critiques, lessons, weekly tips
and everything you do, You have changed the way I see art , thank you,
thank you, thank you!!

Wanda Zook "


" I just want you to know that I am so happy to have found this course.  I see how much I will learn and it is like a breath of fresh air "


" By the way on a scale of 0 to 10 I would rate your DVD 20 .  I think you got yourself one more disciple. "


" …. got 1st place for the black urn and flowers. A huge thank you. You have made a huge difference in my life and I am so very thankful to you!!! "


" Thanks for so much help and excellent teaching. "


" I continue to be amazed at how great your teaching videos are......I learn so, so much by watching you paint. "


" Seriously, you are above the call of duty for the money you receive.  When you get up and running even more.....I am sure you can ask a little more for your classes.  Truly, they have so enhanced that part of my creative life. You’re a gem...for sharing all this knowledge. A good painting instructor makes all the difference.  I feel like I won the lotto finding you.  Don't let this go to your head ;-)   Or, do. "


" I didn't know I enjoy painting so much before :).  I guess I will just keep painting and see how good I can get.  I am glad I have found you as my teacher.  I've learned so much for just 3 lessons.  I am sure I will be better and better... "


" Doing these paintings will help me to get more out of that experience as well.  I am learning so much. I think it has opened a whole new world of potential...and lifetime personal enjoyment.  And, you were the spark.   Thanks fun. "


" She thinks I became an Artist under you teaching....  I think so too.  Nothing compared to you.... (well Duh!!!) "


" Thanks again for a great critique ( and suggestions). You have the knack! "


" I looooove this....first time I've felt like I may have some modicum of talent. "


" I am very pleased with the result.  Attached is the photo again for your review.  I am confident after 10 painting lessons I will be much better than I am now.  Thank you so much for providing such nice learning method and I truly appreciated your quick response to my questions! "


" You are such a great teacher, I am more appreciative of the classes I had with you, the more I paint.  Your instruction has been invaluable. "


" Thank you for your critique!  These are very good recommendations.  I will touch some of the areas you mentioned on the painting.  Thanks again! "


" Those 25 dollars went a long way I think, one of the best deal I made this year "


" Great stuff!!!! What impressed me the most was the execution of the grapes. I labor on my two grapes for hours, and did not came even close to the light you have on yours executed in a couple of minutes. "


" The Q-tips use is very ingenuous and I love it. The back ground you teach is beautiful. "


" I struggled with grapes long time, now that I have a better understanding on moving the paint around and play opaque against transparent I think I got it! ...... So a B I G    T H A N K  Y O U . "


" Dear Dan, I think it was the most well spent 25 bucks in the last years!!! A lot of super information. "


" For the 5 minutes grapes, probably the easiest part, and is truly magical as you said. I choose to make red grapes as I love the way the way light get introduced on the alizarin crimson cad red medium, substrata.  The Q-tips use is very ingenuous and I love it. The back ground you teach is beautiful. "


" it is one of the better pictures I have done.  Your a great teacher. I learned plenty.  I'm very pleased.  Can't wait to do more. "

" I'm lovin' the class... ".


" This was a fun painting, very interesting how the glass is painted.  Thanks for the good time.  I really enjoy these lessons. "

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