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"You are such a great teacher, I am more appreciative of the classes I had with you, the more I paint.  Your instruction has been invaluable." (past student now professional artist)

Student Artist Comments:

I continue to be amazed at how great your teaching videos are......I learn so, so much by watching you paint.

. got 1st place for the black urn and flowers. A huge thank you. You have made a huge difference in my life and I am so very thankful to you!!!

I didn't know I enjoy painting so much before :).  I guess I will just keep painting and see how good I can get.  I am glad I have found you as my teacher.  I've learned so much for just 3 lessons.  I am sure I will be better and better...

I looooove this....first time I've felt like I may have some modicum of talent.                      more...


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