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Over 300 recommendations:

Hi Dan, I was one of your first students in the original online course and last year I took your still-life course. I have taken some other online courses and I can tell you, your at far and away the best! It sure shows all the work you have put in and the benefit goes to the students. Your course, the additional videos, information, tips, marketing etc. are amazingly informative and helpful. Your critiques are so well done, no matter what the ability at the time of the student, so helpful and kind. I think my painting progressed by leaps while working with you. I have sold several of the still-lifes I painted. I highly recommend your courses. Germaine Trenary Missoula, Montana

Hello Dan, I have taken every one of your courses - still life, landscape and now the Art Masters Program. Since taking your courses, I have made enormous progress in my paintings. From the set up of a still life, to the materials, to the brush strokes - I have learned so much. Books cannot take the place of demonstration and that has made the great difference for me. I have sold many paintings, won some prizes and actually have a local following thanks to what I have learned and continue to learn. Thanks for making be a better artist Sal Gruttadauria Buffalo, New York

Hi Dan, I am not very experienced at ordering things on the internet so it was a bit of a leap of faith for me to order your still life course. However I can honestly say that I am thrilled that I did and I am enjoying each new video even though time doesn't permit me to paint as often as I would like. In my opinion the course is great value for money and you are a natural teacher and generous with your tips and information. Anna-Marie

Being brand new to oil painting, I had a ton of questions about everything, from mediums and paints, to mixing colors and brushes. I searched the Internet for answers but never found anyone who addressed my specific questions. Dan's Still Life course offered exactly what I was looking for. Not only did the videos guide me step-by-step through each painting, but the additional material provided the background, technique and tips I couldn't find elsewhere. And Dan's individualized critiques of my finished paintings provided a personalized touch that sets his course above and beyond the rest. I'm very grateful I signed up. Thanks Dan! Scott Andes Kyiv, Ukraine

By accident I found your 7 Tips to Cure Amateurish in an online ad. One of the tips helped me so much with a problem I was having in a painting that I bought the Still Life DVD course. The very first painting I did from the Still Life DVDs was the Pear in the Martini Glass. It turned out so well and your demo and critique was so helpful that I recently sold this 8x10 acrylic painting from a gallery, for over $200. I think it was one of the best pieces I have ever done. The price of the course and the amount of help and knowledge you gain from it is worth every single penny!! I work in pastels and acrylics and I had no problems applying what I learned from you to these other mediums. I would recommend this course to any artist looking to take their work to the next level. Meg Anderson Green Bay Wisconsin

Dan, you are so personable and patient with your students. The subjects of your lessons look like something I would never have thought I could paint. It has been a pleasure painting under your tutelage. You have been very prompt in responding to my questions and detailed in your answers (in layman's terms.) Your critiques and your weekly tips are so helpful. Thank you for helping me to be a better painter. I have learned so much from you that I have sold several paintings now. I look forward to more courses. Judy Velasquez Allen Belfast, TN

After reading these testimonials and seeing an example of your teaching, I am eager to begin learning from you. Sally Griewahn Dallas. Texas

Dan, I picked up a paint brush and took a few lessons in oils in my early 30s. Life happened and I did not paint again for 30 years. I found Dan's website while doing a search. His voice and presentation convinced me that I had found my instructor. I have finished the still life course and have done 2 of the landscape course. I will take any and all courses that Dan  offers. He makes you believe in yourself, through his caring and his pleasant style of teaching. Carolyn Reynolds Eutawville, SC

After viewing many of the tips and clips of videos, I was so inspired that I ordered the still life course for Christmas and will be starting these. My New Years resolution!!!!! Eleanor Waltham, Massachusetts

Hey Dan. Took your still life course and loved it, loved it, loved it!! My paintings are better than ever and I have sold a few since I learned so much from you. Your personalized critiques were extremely helpful. Thank you. Diane Hutchinson Palm Beach county. Florida

After years of previous study, Dan's courses,stills and landscape,gave me the opportunity to associate previous Knowledge to his program and has allowed me to "love the paint" once again. Marvin gantt Atlanta, Ga

All you have to know is dan teaches with a passion. phil ruehl chicago, ill.

Am new to your offers - watched only your still life to date and liked using fine art to guide me with finishing details. Monique Colchester Vt

As a perpetual student, I try never to miss any of your tips there is always something to learn and you are so generous about sharing. devora chicago, Ill. USA

As I am a newbie to oil your tips are great to think about and then go to the easel with results. Fred Thornhill, Ontario

As much as I would love to invest in your courses, I am a disabled senior on a very limited income. I access your tips through my Kindle and love what I see of them. A 7 inch screen is not ideal for comparing paintings, but I muddle through. I only paint for friends and family, much to slow for commercial work. Want you to know how important your free tips are n to those of us with limited income. Julie Beckman Bonanza, Oregon

Bearing in mind there's no set formula for painting, I find your weekly tips stimulating and provide other avenues for exploration and thought. You so often hit the nail on the head. Jill Kahans Melbourne, Australia

Because of the miracle of the internet non artists like me can uncover the mysteries of putting paint to canvas thanks to your help. Ron Stanley Boynton Beach, FL

Coming from a self-taught position to taking lessons has been a huge step for me. Also, my main medium has been watercolors, so going to oil has been huge step, as well. YOU have provided me with encouragement, a sense of pride, and allowing me to express something deep from within me at my own pace through your tutorials. Your feedback has been priceless, far beyond what I would have expected from the price of your videos. When I tell people what you offer, they become excited and want to know more. So I do refer them to your website. The valuable weekly tips you offer are also beyond what one would expect from these video courses. I'm pleased to have found you and hope to finish up with the still life and landscape paintings soon and then join the Master Class. Ron Shepard Gastonia, NC

Dan,I am in middle of landscape class.me and everyone that sees my painting can tell the difference.your critiques are a great help! mary thompson downsville louisiana

Dan I've taken your landscape and still life courses. They were gifts from my wife so I didn't have any expectations going in but I sure never thought I would be able to follow your class and create something that would be considered a beautiful painting by others. Gives me encouragement to try and get better each effort Game changer Dan thank you Dennis lynch Lexington Ky

Dan Thank you for sharing your expertise in your DVD courses (Still Life and Landscape) and your tips, you have given me the confidence to enter my finished workshop products and my own paintings into shows and I have been very successful with my sales. The courses have been very informative and the best value in a DVD series that I have done to date. I am looking forward to what you have coming next. Thanks for sharing. Tami Field Alliston, Ontario Canada

Dan- Your painting tip on shadow color has helped me immensely, resulting in unity and cohesiveness in my paintings. John C. Ulberg Helena, Montana

Dan I have benefited tremendously from your painting tips! Thank you so much for your input. I hope to take a painting course from you soon! Nathana San Angelo , Texas

Dan is a natural teacher! Excellent step by step instruction, packed with valueable information, I've learned so much. And it's in the comforts of home, I don't have to waste time and money traveling. Pat Chocorua, NH

Dan is so gracious and personal in giving valuable critiques. His feedback has helped my painting advance with each critique. Betty McKee Orange Park, Florida
Dan is the best. He seems to anticipate my questions before I ask them. I have learned more from his still life course than I have in years of my own struggling. Thanks Dan. Robert Queens, New York

Dan makes a complicated and disciplined practice inspirational, playful and fun! My art has improved by leaps and bounds from taking his on line courses. It is very much like having a one on one professional art instructor guiding you every step of the way. The best part, you get to re-wind any part you may have missed! Joan T. Adam Alameda, Ca

Dan you have opened my eyes to so much that I took for granted during my painting life with your wonderful hints and tips even explaining the different properties of oil paints themselves eg. the transparent verses the opaque ones and where and how to use them and how to use light to make the viewers eye travel through the painting I feel so blessed that I came across such a grand Teacher whose generosity surpasses all others. Thank you so much. looking forward to more from you.:) Sandra Biggin Rockhampton Australia

Dan your still life course has been a wonderful learning tool that has improved my painting process, skills and ability and an added bonus more sales. Peta Zeller Perth, Western Australia

Dan, You have helped me so much with your landscape videos to tune my eye for line drawing and to hone my skills in getting the color right. I want to continue working with you. Thanks so much. John Wendling (jswendlingart.com) Salt Lake, Utah

Dan, I took your Art Masters Program and truly loved it. I was so inspired to paint after each and every class. The way you teach with the no nonsense way is great. I don't feel like I am being talked down to in any way. Keep up the great work. I look forward to your weekly course. J Douglas Leesburg, VA
Dan, I have loved the still life course. I did not paint my paintings exactly like yours (changed the composition)but I did learn a lot. Hopefully, I have improved after watching and doing the course. Barbara Haviland Groves,Texas

Dan, As I learn to pick up the art of oil painting I have found your tips to be the very helpful and easy to follow. An example is I have noticed in my paintings I sometimes notice there is more canvas texture showing than I would like. I recently found your tip stating that most of us need to use more paint and we should also add a coating of white gesso to help fill the canvas prior to starting. This will be very helpful on future paintings. I have not yet taken a class but look forward to in the near future. Thank You for passing on your knowledge. Don Andover MA

Dan, I am sorry to say I have not done any of your tips yet, but I promise to do so the first of the year. Elaine Neumann Columbus, Ohio

Dan, I have learned more from your CDs, & landscape & still life series than anything than any thing in my 30 years of painting. I have always looked forward to your weekly painting tips & have saved every one of them. I have read books & online materials but I have never learned as much as I have from you! I am. Genuinely proud of my paintings because I have out into practice the points you have made. I think one of the biggest values of your course us the critiques you have offered & hearing your voice as you point out the areas I can improve. You are so personable! Thank you over & over. I don't want your courses to end. Please keep them coming!! Shareen Keller Nampa, Idaho

Dan, I have learned so much from your course. It is just amazing how much I have improved with the help of your courses. You provide so much information, and I love your style of talking to us as you paint. Really feels like we are in class with you. Ellen Cloudy Eagle River, Alaska
Dan, I recently discovered your website and have signed up for your tips. I have a BFA with an emphasis in painting earned 30 years ago and I am already getting more tips and advice than I ever did in the classroom. I am excited, and a little nervous, to take one of your courses, but doing so is my New Year's resolution for 2014. Beth Genson Portage, Ohio

Dan, Just a note to thank you for your weekly tips which lead me to the still life class. Currentlyl, I am working on Still Life lesson #4 and feel that I have made tremendous leaps forward in my painting skills. I am a beginner and every hint helps. So far, brush stroke techniques, how to handle backgrounds and shading have made the biggest differences in my paintings. But most valuable are the critiques you offer which are very motivating to keep me moving forward. Thanks again. Brenda Osborne Freeport, Florida

Dan, You are the best instructor that I have experienced - by far. My painting took a huge jump with your still-life class. I had my first acceptance to a juried national exhibition after I completed the class - wow! - thank you so much. Dave Tennessee

Dan, Your week tips are great! I have used them in my work and find great improvement from just a small touch. Thanks and keep up the good work. Marjorie

Dan, anything more I would say would be a repeat of the comments above. Will continue working with the course I am working on. Helene Volkman Westlake Village, CA

Dan, I appreciate your willingness to share your experiences, trials and errors, as well as your successes with us. Because I do not have much money to spend on lessons and courses, your tips have been a valuable source of encouragement and insights that help me risk painting. Thank you! Terri Mobley Alta Loma, CA

Dan, I have been a serious painter for many years. When I started and finished your course I felt a new freshness and excitement I had lost somewhere along those years. Thank you for showing me that freshness. Patricia Lein Rio Rancho, New Mexico

can't top any of those above comments. I am learning and enjoying it. Hope to continue when I finish the still life course. Your style is great, and instructions easy to follow. I hope I can do it all justice. Thank you Nada Flint Grand Island, Fl

Dan, I have completed both your still life and landscape courses. What a wonderful experience and my work has improved so very much I don't know where to begin. Your videos are very thorough, explaining how you do the painting, but encouraging us to do it our way and just have FUN. You gave me the confidence to just lay down that paint and create beautiful paintings. Your critiques are so helpful with suggestions to improve my work, but always with positive words that inspire. I look forward to more new lessons from you...can't wait!!! Carol Hart Plant City, Florida, USA

Dan, I have looked for an instructor who would give me the opportunity to paint with instruction at every point that I need it. I "rewind" my DVD at any point to get the tip and see a color or brush stroke, which is impossible in a classroom setting. I enjoy the helpful tips and analyze the brush strokes with each painting. I especially find it helpful when you discuss the brushes you use, your pallet and how to maintain equipment correctly. It is so rewarding to have my own "personal" instructor whenever I want to visit you! Your course is helping me become the painter I want to be! Barb Surprise, AZ

Dan, I have not yet taken your courses but I have really enjoyed your art tips videos and have found them very useful. I retired two days ago and hope to have a lot more time to paint now. The information you have shared will be very helpful as I move forward with developing my style and practicing good habits in my painting. Thank you very much! Glynda Thor Powder Springs, GA

Dan, I just want to say thank you. I've been painting a long time and I'm always looking for ways to improve my work, well you have helped with that more than I can say I've taken your stillife, landscape and art masters I have enjoyed and learned alot and will recommand you to anyone looking to learn or improve not only there paintings but your advise on marketing. Kathryn Bartscht St Johnsville NY

dan, I love how you give up all your secrets..many teachers hold back but not you..from the colors you use to the little things..good on ya! susie gregory columbus, indiana

Dan, I signed up for your still life course several years ago but, had to go back to work. Last year when I decided to retire in Sept. 2013, I wrote and asked if I could start "for real" and found that you told me not to worry and that you would be ready, when I was. I was so delighted to hear that because I was afraid after all that time, I would have to forfeit the course. Your kindness makes me want to study under you more than ever! Thank you so much. Jeanne dicasali Atlanta, GA USA

Dan, I,love your easy to understand painting course and tips. What I really like is your constructive criticism that shows me the good as well as areas that need more growth. Your honest encouragement is so appreciated. Sharron White Garland, TX

Dan, just as soon as these Holidays end, and I can have time to sit down and paint, I'll sure let you know how I'm doing. Meanwhile, just by watching a couple of your video's has enlightened me on technique etc.! Marilyn Davis Clinton, Missouri

Dan, so far I love it, however I am so behind that I would like to answer this when I have finished a few painting, as I get side tracked in trying to use what I have learned on old paintings, terrible habit. But promise to stay on track and will write you a glorious summation,,,your great thanks Pj

Dan, you are so generous to offer us your FREE painting tips. They are to the point and so helpful to me as a developing beginner artist. Please keep them coming. I hope to take one of your courses soon. The tips are a great "appetizer"! Patricia B. Seattle, WA

Dan, your still life course got me started in oil painting. It was a new medium and I didn't know where to start. Now, I feel comfortable with it and it has become my favorite medium. Joan Langdon Scottsdale, AZ

Dan, your still life course is what gave me the courage, the knowledge and the confidence to paint, which I now do full-time - so you have literally changed my life. Karen Robinson Devon, UK

Dan. I have learned more from your courses in still-life and landscape than I ever did while earning a BFA and taking numerous "art center"courses over the past 20 years. Granted i was busy with my profession, but I encountered very few teachers who could impart the knowledge and teach the methods necessary for producing fine art as you have. Even worse, many classes degenerated into " social hours" where little teaching was accomplished. But they had live models to offer and so I continued to go. My workshop experience was mostly disappointing. In one workshop, the instructor disappeared for several hours each day(5 days) and at the end of the program showed us the 8 paintings he had completed during the workshop week. They were excellent and I later saw them at a quality gallery in New York city ! He was an excellent painter but a poor teacher. I,m looking forward to taking you advanced classes. George Viscomi George Viscomi Northville, Michigan. 48168

Dan.. thanks for your painting tips I have only been painting for a few years and find them very help full and I see things in a new way John Dee UK London

Dan.There are many instructors who give lessons and leave the students stranded on the beach like a whale.Then a person like you comes along like a ray of sunshine and opens there eyes,thank you Larry Short NELSON NEW ZEALAND

Dan's Still Life DVD course is sensational! He generously shares his knowledge and expertise on a myriad of subjects: lighting, color mixing, setups, materials, composition, brushwork, finishing details...it's all in the DVDs. His casual style makes him easy to watch and his upbeat personality keeps one going even on those inevitable "down days" that we all experience. Thanks you, Dan...I have learned so much. Kris Stewart Eugene, Oregon

Dear Dan I have been watching your instructional videos on line, and have been learning so many new things. Tips to make paintings interesting to the eye and, little things that create movement have interested me the most. I have really enjoyed when you critique a painting, there are so many things easy to over look, but you find a new lesson to teach us. These videos have awakened my brain to see better. thank you so much. Mary Wyoming MN

Dear Dan, I am a beginner, now on lesson 4 of the course on still life,"Pansies in boat vase". I am painting things I never would have attempted, and I feel more confident than I could have imagined 4 weeks ago. I have benefitted from your lessons and tips, and especially critiques of my paintings. Your love of painting is inspiring to me. This course is really a Best Buy on my list. Mary Ann Philadelphia

Dear Dan, I am learning to some extent from your 'valuable' painting tips alone! I wish to learn more through your courses, in future. Balkrishna E. Balkrishna E. Monroe Twp, NJ

Dear Dan, Your tips improved my paintings even before I got in your still life course. Now I am still motivated and getting better everyday. It has everything to do with your wisdom and personality mixed together. Everytime I mess up something, My wife across the room hears me repeat a Dan proverb: "Don't lick it down you idiot", I add the "you idiot" for an extra boot camp drama. Your feedbacks and personalized attention is priceless and has made a real difference. Thank you. Daryoosh Mosleh Baltimore, Maryland

Dear Dan, Before learning oil painting from you, I had been learning Chinese color painting for more than eight years. I think you are the best initial teacher in my oil painting career. Your videos on still life, landscape and figure painting are wonderful. In the videos course, you teach me how to use brush stroke, and address the margin before finishing the paintings, as well as give me some good tips and nice ideas. I had finished all the courses including still life, landscape and figure painting from you. I had hold a solo paintings exhibition on April ,2013 in Taiwan. I put some parts of my works in the following website http://liaw.rumotan.com/ to share the peoples who are interested in paintings. Actually I had sold some of my works since this exhibition . I learned much from you, I think you are my teacher forever. Chinese proverbs said “If you are my teacher for even one day, you will be my teacher all my life. Sincerely yours, Kwo-Jen George Liaw Taipei, Taiwan Kwo-Jen George Liaw Taipei, Taiwan

Dear Dan, I have to let you know how much I love your course. You are definately one of the best teachers of art. When I finished my first still life following your guide, I was so suprised to see how beautiful and professional it turned out to be. I was so excited that my heart was pumping quickly. I love the way how you teach, step y step from the very beginning to the most details of the end with the elegency style of Old Masters. But what impress me most is that you care about your students sincerely. I realy appreciate your help and thank you indeed. Ningning Li Lima, Peru

Dear Dan, I am loving your Landscape Course, and have learned so much from your lessons and tips ! Your genuine caring and ongoing help is amazing ! Your course is simply a GREAT deal ! Thanks so much for everything. Diana Charlotte, NC

Dear Dan, I am so pleased and excited about having the chance to work on the Still Life Course! It and you are just what I need. I am a retired teacher and principal and am very impressed with your instruction! Your modeling and input are terrific! The fact that I can watch the demo as many times as I need, at my own pace, and on my own schedule is perfect for me. AND I can't believe that I get individual feedback from you in response to my paintings. Your feedback is just right - not too much, positive, and attainable! I am on lesson four and look forward to not only finishing this course, but signing up for future courses. I am also blown away by how reasonable the cost is. Last, but not least, I love the fact that you stress that it should be fun and the goal is for it not to be a copy of yours or of the photograph. Beth Charlotte, North Carolina

Dear Dan, I am thrilled to have discovered you, your amazing videos and all that I am learning through your still life DVD course and painting tips. I have never had lessons like yours before; you are easy to listen to, fun to watch and you create fabulous results. I love how you teach from the tips to the pitfalls, how you start at the beginning to show the best paint colors, the right brushes, the most practical easel, the lighting, the palette, and your wonderful step by step demos. I struggled before, because I didn't know the proper technique, but now you make me want to paint and I get excited about the results. I have several DVDs to go but feel much more confident in just the first few lessons. I highly recommend your courses. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise. Sincerely, Mary Ellen Fletcher Winslow, Maine

Dear Dan, I am writing to tell you how much I am enjoying my Still Life and Landscape courses. Being new to painting, I must say that your teaching has made a tremendous impact on my abilities. I am one of those who has never been to art school, nor taken any other courses. I do watch films, and read from books, but for the most part you have taught me nearly everything I know! Your teaching style is so friendly and informative, and your critiques are invaluable to me because I receive quick feedback and am able to make the necessary changes when needed. You are a great teacher, and you go out of your way to encourage and build my confidence, and from what I have heard from others, finding that quality in an art teacher is rare. I consider myself blessed! Lisa Wells Sapulpa, Oklahoma

Dear Dan, I have just started your still life course and I am currently working on painting number 2. I have to say I am thrilled with the course so far and I love the format in which you present the information. I do not feel the need to copy what you are doing but at the same time I cannot wait to get started after watching the first video that you do for that week's painting. I love the fact that I can take what you are doing and create my own painting by making my own choices because I now have the knowledge to decide for myself how I want to proceed with my painting. I am very happy with the course and would recommend it to anyone just starting out or struggling with the concepts.. The critiques are wonderful as well!! Thank you Dan, you're the best! Maria Meade Fountain Inn, SC

Dear Dan, I have only one painting to go in your Still Life DVD Course. I have loved every minute of it! The photos, tips, and DVD's are of such high quality that I have never been sorry that I spent the money to order this course. It is definitely a better value than that offered by a nearby major Art School. Your video demos are exceptional! I am also thrilled that you have offered your students the rights to sell the paintings from this class. Very generous of you! Thanks! I have ordered the Landscape course and plan to begin once I complete the Still Life class. I would recommend your courses to anyone wishing to learn or improve oil painting skills. Again, Thank you! Mary Van Deman Sun Lakes, AZ, USA

Dear Dan, I want tell how exciting the Still Life Lessons were to me and you transformed my painting from BLAH to Awesome!!! I love your teaching style and I watch the whole lesson first and get going the second time around (this is best for me I found). Can't wait to take your landscape courses! I LOVE the Art Masters Program too! Cindy Harvey Denver, CO

Dear Dan, Thanks to your course, I finally started to paint! It's a goal I've had for years, but up until I had your videos, I was too intimidated to open the tubes and put brush to canvas (or fiberboard as it turned out). Your course gives a step-by-step explanation of how to paint, from materials and preparation, through actually painting, and critique. Your easy manner and approach to each painting make the learning process a pleasure. I originally requested the still life series as a birthday gift and was so excited and pleased with the classes that I asked my husband for the landscape series when he wanted to know what gift to get me for another occasion. Thank you for enabling me to begin a hobby I know will bring me joy for years to come! Best wishes, Jill Jill Paperno Rochester, New York

Dear Dan, The Still Life series has made a tremendous difference in my paintings. The Yellow Gerbera Daisy is the sixth painting and the one I am now working on. Because of your help I have gotten more involved in the art community here where I live and on the internet. I have donated two of my paintings. That made me feel good to help others. The information in video helps me by letting me work at my own speed. I can play them over and over, stop and play as I need. That makes for a very relaxing experience. You add extras that are of great help. I've enjoyed working on my art as ofter as I want at anytime day or night. You a wonderful artist and gifted teacher. " I am looking forward to taking your other classes. Thank you, Sandra Dixon Sandra Dixon Fort Smith, Arkansas

Dear Dan, Your true love of painting and of teaching come through in everything you do. I am at the beginning of your still life series and am amazed at the professional, polished quality of my paintings as a result. I am amazed that you have such an open heart and open mind when it comes to sharing a lifetime of knowledge and incredible detail. There is truly nothing else like it on the market that I have seen. What first got me to order your course was the spot on description of what I was exactly experiencing in my art class. Although my instructor has been teaching for more than 40 years, and is brilliant, and I take classes at a renowned art museum, your course has worked very well for me. The amazing part is that I am able to start and stop a lesson anytime I want because the DVDs and online content are always there for me, ARCHIVED-- so I can use them day or night, for half an hour or a 3 hour stretch. It just is so much more user friendly for today's modern life of multiple responsibilities. I am truly grateful and when I am not painting with you, I am thinking a lot about when I can next "push play." This is clearly a true legacy that you have created that will endure for many years to come. You are a true gift to the art world and I can't thank you enough for the joy you have brought to my life. Pam Provo Shrewsbury, MA

Dear Dan, I learned so much from both your still life and landscape DVD's - and especially appreciated the feedback on my paintings each week. The lessons are clear and you take the time to explain the painting process in great detail. I could see an improvement in my work almost right away. Great lessons! Janet Bonneau Fairfax, VT
Dear Dan, I try to never miss your free weekly tips. However, on a SS income, there is never enough to subscribe to one of your classes, tho I'm sure they are worth every penny. LH Becker Franklin, TN

Dear Dan, Your weekly tips are so helpful. They encourage me to get a brush and I get such good information to improve my work. Ruth Galyen Madras, OR

Did you get the one I put on your facebook page? I spent a lot of time with it. If you didn't let me know. T Trisha Christian Phila. Pa

Enjoy the painting tips, they make me stop and look from the other side of the brush. Thanks Bill Wimp Owensboro, Kentucky

Even after several years of lessons and practice, the tips give new insights and a fresh approach to the important aspects of painting. Jerry Phillips Loveland Co (Lincoln Gallery)

Even tho I've painted for a long time several of your tips have been new to me, and very helpful colleen Salem Oregon

Even though I am a professional artist, I still like all artist get bogged down sometimes. Your series has shown me how much more I can expand my horizons. Jeffery L. Massengale Houston, TX

Even though I have not been able to take your classes yet, your painting tips have added great dimension to my art and I look forward to each tip. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Rose Many, LA

Even though I paint with watercolor and pastels, I find Dan's tips interesting and applicable especially when he talks about color. Ellen Cold Spring, New York

Even though my style of painting is not quite like Dan's, I find that I haved learned a great deal from him on many levels. He teaches me patience with my work; he helps me to believe in myself; he has shown me how to master the mechanics of painting, and how to "love the paint". Darlene Sall Greeley, Colorado
Every tip reveals another piece of the puzzle, that would otherwise take years to put together. Jeronimo Barranada Columbus, OH.
Great sincerity, Observations, and insights Thanks Gordon Brown colleyville, Texas
Great tips that keep me thinking... and I'll get around to trying one of the courses eventually! Christine Berkeley, California USA
Happy to Dan, but busy at this moment with family and holiday madness. In a nut shell, I can say without hesitation that you offer the best course I have seen Online in Art Instruction. Content and caring about the progress of those who study with you. Quality all the way. Simply the best. Rae Ecklund Lafayette, CA 94549
Have been painting for years. The tips are a great reminder Lynn Newman lake, wa
have been watching your webpage tips and can't thank you enough for sharing them. They have become one of the highlights if my day! Marlene Waterville, PA
Have not taken the course but the tips are great, thanks. Buford, GA
haven't done any yet Sher Nasser Canada
Hello Dan, I'm halfway through your Still Life series, and I've created lovely still life paintings for the first time ever. I'm learning a lot and having lots of fun doing it. I appreciate your practical approach to painting, the tips and tricks in your lessons and your understanding that "there's no correct way to do art work} - that we need to find what works for us. (I've taken lessons from other artists who didn't like it when I didn't do it "their way". Keep up the good work! Pete Dixon Dover, NH
Hello Dan, I have taken every one of your courses - still life, landscape and now the Art Masters Program. Since taking your courses, I have made enormous progress in my paintings. From the set up of a still life, to the materials, to the brush strokes - I have learned so much. Books cannot take the place of demonstration and that has made the great difference for me. I have sold many paintings, won some prizes and actually have a local following thanks to what I have learned and continue to learn. Thanks for making be a better artist Sal Gruttadauria Buffalo, New York
Hello Dan, I think you are doing great work! I'm definitely one of your biggest fans. You are one of the best painting teachers I've EVER had!!! I've learned so much from you about painting still lifes. Thank you so much. I can't wait til you have a course in portraiture, especially in the classic French and Italian academic style. David Boston
Hello Dan, i am very greatfull to you.i have only started to paint three months ago.your painting tips and videos is so inspering and has been so helpfull. I am really learning so much from you.thank you so much. Guy Labuschagne Howick KZN South Africa
hello Dan, just a big thank you. you get it. You have taken the time to be a true master of your profession and now pass these skills on in a way that makes me feel like you truely want me to have the same satisfaction that I know you have had through your labours John paris frace
Hey Dan I can not believe the difference your Still Life painting course has made in my paintings. It is amazing simple changes to my approach and choice of color has made all the difference in the world. I am selling like never before. Keep up the good work......a devoted student Susan Susan Raine Kyle, Texas
Hey Dan I have three paintings to go and I have learnt so much. I am really enjoying the course. I am on the land scape course. Jack Tenney Fulton, Missouri

Hi Dan I have always enjoyed your Tip of the Weeks and I am very grateful to you for them. I am a pensioner who is primarily interested in water-colour painting, however I am sure there would be many benefits from purchasing your DVD courses. I hear and feel many students want Downloadable Video availability, maybe you could provide this in the future. I hope you are having a great Christmas and Best wishes for the new year. Thank you for all of the Tip of the week info. Andre Lloyd Andre Lloyd Melbourne, Australia
Hi Dan This course gave me subject and process to work along with. Now I want to go back and redo with my own interpretation and have fun Lots of good info thanks Sunny SC
Hi Dan , I am a big fan of your art and I hope one day I can attend one of your classes and learn from you in person,but I will purchase your DVDs to learn your technique , I heard about you from one artist who is with me in Alan Kingwell group(the great artist who teaches his technique ) , Sherry Mah Calgary/Alberta-Canada
Hi Dan, I think that your on-line courses are the best courses that I have taken. There are full of technical information as well as painting information and inspiration. You have a supportive attitude in your critiques that provides encouragement to carry on to the next one. Keep up the good work! Roderik Mayne Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hi Dan, Kay Stringfellow here. I purchased your still life and landscaping Cd's when I broke my leg a year ago. It was. Great opportunity for me to be still and paint again. You are a wonderful gifted teacher. Kay Stringfellow Ridgefield Wa.
Hi Dan, Before taking your Still Life course I had no painting experience what so ever. Matter of fact I had to purchase paint, brushes etc just to get started. Now, less than a year later, I was commissioned to paint a 4ft x 5ft mural of boxer Muhammed Ali in a new workout center at work. Thanks Dan for all the encouragement via your critiques!! Jeff McGinn Windsor Co.

Hi Dan, I have finished the still life course and am part way through the landscape course. I also started the excellent masters course. All are outstanding for many reasons. 1. You keep me painting regularly. 2. You have thorough videos and online help. 3. Your staff is also helpful and encouraging, answering emails promptly. 4. You allow me to explore my own style while pointing out errors in value, composition and stroke mastery. 5. Your video critiques are encouraging and spot on. 6. You encourage me to have FUN. This is perhaps the most important because I was trying to remember all the "rules" and do things "right" and I started to dread painting. Now half way through a painting I sometimes get up and dance because painting is a joy! Pat Otto Lecanto, FL
Hi Dan, I haven't taken your full course yet, but the tips you give are invaluable. I really feel that you understand and convey what it takes to make my painting better. Hope to take a course in the very near future. (Just as soon as I can afford it) Kathy Felchle Harvey, North Dakota, USA
Hi Dan, I learn nice things from you and appreciate how are you patient and pleasant with everybody .Your picture have selling point and you are master. I am glad that I painted with you. Ferid Ferid Chicago

Hi Dan, I've been painting for a long time but I never got around to taking instruction. Just read magazines and looked at other people's work. I only wish I had taken your instruction many years ago. I might have changed careers and become a full-time artist! You have provided me with a good deal of substance (skill development information through your demonstrations and wisdom) as well as tips to be more effective. A number of people can see the improvements I've been making and enjoy my art work. That, of course, feels good. So, thanks a lot. I hope others benefit with your help the way I am . Bud Ayers Tri-Cities, Washington U.S.A.
Hi Dan, Sorry it has taken so long, but now I've just gotta tell you how very pleased that I found you, your painting tips and then your still life course! I have learned so much from each of these,that I can't hardly wait to get to the easel for a painting session. The details that you share weekly have become a check list of sorts and are invaluable. Don't think I thank you yet, for being a confidence building teacher. Thanks! Mary Henson Springfield, MO
Hi Dan, Thank you for the free tips and the encouragement to become a member. This course sounds like a wonderful experience and I hope to join in on the fun some day when I have more time to commit to painting. Mel Omaha, Nebraska
Hi Dan, This isn't a testimonial because I haven't had the opportunity to buy your course yet. Will I still be able to buy the DVD courses once this new series is released? I've been planning on getting one or the other of your DVD sets in January even if I have to stretch out the payments. I'm counting on you to help me get back on track with my painting, but but I have to go at my own pace because I am an art teacher who is also in graduate school. Lucinda Brown McMinnville, OR
Hi Dan, I appreciate your teaching method and the fact that you are vocal throughout your demos. All of your demos are simply expressed defining colors being used and techniques applied for the end result. John Hudson, Massachusetts
Hi Dan, just a short note to tell you how I have enjoyed your series. I have seen a great improvement in my painting and just wanted to say thanks. Virginia Compton Fortine, Montana
Hi Dan,I am only on #3 of still life,my reason is i have been ill,but 2014 will be my year to finish your course .You are a brillant teacher and artist.I love your tips and you have helped me so much with my art.Thank you. Martina. Martina Bates Ireland
Hi Dan. Your email links to your valuable tips are much appreciated. I always look forward to viewing them and always learn something I can use when I sit down to paint. Thanks. Linda Pawling, N.Y.
Hi Dan: I used your still-life painting CD,s I can't say enough how useful it's been in my painting career. Thank you for all the hard work you put in, and all the strait forward tips . ali amini Washington,DC
I have grabbed onto every free teaching you have offered and recommended it to friends. I know I need to buy this program and would benefit from it. Thanks for all you do. Glenda M. Ownby Waynesboro, VA
I always learn something new to incorporate. Donna Ellery Mc Indoe Falls, VT
I am a beginner and love the tips and advice that Dan gives. It's just what I need to take my amateur-ish painting to really good,everyone wants me to paint for them, painting. Thanks Dan! Cheryl Frazier Justin, Tezas
I am basically a landscape/seascape painter with minimal experience in still life tecniques. The still life course has been so helpful to teach me composition and color. But the amazing result of using these techniques has really improved my use of vibrant colors in my landscapes. I am deeply grateful for this learning experience. Wayne Brazil Santa Ana, California
I am delighted with what I've learned from you. It gave me the confidence I needed to keep from wasting time and materials. I loved the still life course, bought the landscape course, and haven't worked at it yet, as I work outside and not much from photographs. Thanks for talking as you paint so we can get the process down pat! Delores Rapid City, SD
I am doing the still life course at the moment. The course has opened up a whole new world for me. Every DVD is packed with clear instructions about how to improve my painting skills from the smallest details of placing paint on the canvas to exciting improvements in light and vibrancy in my paintings. The generous way you share your skills and make them really accessible to me has improved my paintings beyond anything I could have imagined. Thank you so much. Penelope Price Emigrant. Mt.
I am enjoying working through the Still Life and Landscape courses and am always surprised at how many tips and ideas you pack into the online videos, email links and DVD demonstrations. I have fantastic notes that I've written down and keep in a binder. When I need a quick reminder, I just flip to the TIPS section and can find it along with hundreds of other great tips and ideas. Your course has been amazing for so many reasons that I can't name them all, but I have to say; with all the information you pack into teaching the Still Life and Landscape courses - the value is truly amazing. I'm really learning a lot. Thank you for making the courses fun, exciting and easy to understand. Angela Thoma Sweet Home, OR USA
I am grateful for the painting tips, which I read as soon as they come. At the moment I am very much occupied by trying to get paintings ready for my exhibit celebrating my 75th birthday in a local gallery in March. I have painted only four years and progressed nicely. However, there are so much more I need to learn. Once the exhibit opens I'll hope to purchase the Art Masters Program. I like you methods of teaching and simple explanations how to solve painting problems. Have a Successful New Year 2014 and good luck in finishing upcoming the Masters Program! Seppo Kolehmainen Inkoo, Finland
I am half way through the still life lessons and have my paintings lined up in the window sills and can see a real difference in the quality of work as the lessons have progressed. I've taken many face to face workshops but none have had the impact that your lessons present. Many thanks for a great set of experiences. Margaret Parker Greensburg IN
I am just beginning your land scape class, but Know I will find it to be every thing I hope it will be just as the weekly tips has been. Luck to your new project. Barbara Nunham Pentwater, Mi.
I am just finishing the landscape course and am excited about starting the still life course.Watching the DVDs with all the tips is like having individual instruction.Over many years I have attended art classes but this was better.I can work at my own pace then have you critique my work with awesome tips feels so personalized. Juanita Hamilton, Canada
I am learning, and it is FUN. The improvement in my paintings is so obvious. Too man years I've wasted. Now 80 and using the oils my dad gave me when I was 16. Carried them with me all my life and did nothing with them. Now can't get enough of your lessons. Am up to #7 of stilllife course. Nan Drissell Littleton, Colorado
I am looking forward to the new opportunities waiting in the revised courses!!! Your tips are so valuable as I am learning and want to learn all I can. It is harder using computers instead of face-to face, but your teaching skills help overcome any limitations I might find. And there is always the privacy because I am very intimidated by public viewings as I learn. This way helps! Jackie Orlando, FL USA
I am new to your website, only just started and because of the holidays haven't done much painting, I am on face book and on my time line there are some of my paintings if you are interested in looking at them.I am looking forward to watching your videos this coming week !! Nora Jaboro Ferndale, Michigan
I am not much of a testimonial guy, but the still life course has been fun and educational. Nick Froyd Copperton, UT
I am on a search to learn more about painting always. So, when I have little money to spend and a work schedule that exhausts me, I enjoy being able to watch and read short excerpts that inspire and educate me. Like keeping my palate ready, if even for only 1 hour of painting. Unfortunately, that is my life. Some times I only have 1 hour. I try to make the most of that small amount of time. Yet, that may be the most productive time spent all week! kathy litwin Bloomintion, Mn
I am only half-way through the Still Life course but I can already say your enthusiasm is really refreshing. Your warm, casual teaching style is captivating and bold yet also supportive and reassuring, and your tips and critiques are remarkably helpful. A friend commented my paintings have so much life. That is the very life you communicate through your passionate and open approach to the canvas. Even if I were to never paint again, you have already given me a very great gift. Thank you so much. Roberta Wallace Cottonwood, AZ
I am only just beginning the Still Life course, I will need to see how it goes before I feel comforable commenting on it.
I am only on Lesson Two but have enjoyed this very much. I have not painted this freely in a long time. You take the guess work out of it. Looking forward to the rest of the Still Life courses and keeping in contact with you and your other courses. Connie Missouri
I am slowly going through Dan's landscape course and working on painting #3 now, but I can see a tremendous improvement in my painting already. I especially appreciate Dan's encouraging critiques and his ability to demystify the painting process. It has been very helpful to know that I do not have to get it right immediately, but can continue to work at it until it looks good. Thank you, Dan, for your encouragement and your willingness to show your own mistakes and how you corrected them in the DVD lessons. That helps make painting less stressful and more fun for me. Cindy Sears Granite Falls, North Carolina, US
I am so looking forward to trying the landscaping course. Jackie Krueger Sussex, Wisconsin
I am so pleased with what I am learning from the still life & landscape series. I have had no formal training & love that I can get instruction online! No disappointment here! Marsha The Villages, FL
I am so sorry Dan, I am new to this video on utube, I read your report about mistakes that armatures make and I thought you were really kind to give it away for free. I was so right on the mark though! How many times have I seen it! And yes how many times have I made one of those mistakes and just could not see what I did wrong but knew something was wrong? I usually figure it out but What a great list to keep by your easel! Sandra Zimmerman Crystal Lake, IL
I am taking group art lessons and enjoy your painting tips. They help me better understand the instructor and improve my work. Gloria Riverside CA
I am very slow. I'm only on #2 of the still life course. I appreciate the patience you have with us. I love to paint. It's air to me, but working away from home at my job is such an interruption. It doesn't matter, though, because I just keep comin' back to it. It doesn't matter that there are interruptions ..it matters that I don't forget about it. I just leave it out where I see it alot. I enjoy what I have done. I keep on coming back. It's a very sweet experience for me. Teresia Idaho Falls, Idaho
I appreciate the manner that you going into shadows. It has made a hugh difference in my paintings. Also, how you compose your composition. Everything that you present helps me be a better artist. Thank You. Barbara Abraham Alhambra, CA 91803
I can't afford the classes or programs, but I do use the free tips. I find them very informative and easy to understand. I am a self taught painter, and you have made a difference. John Adkins Middlesboro, Kentucky
i can't thank you enough for your painting tips! some have opened my eyes to things i hadn't considered before, and others have helped me solidify techniques and give me a better overall concept of where to strengthen my paintings. Gail Mason Leesburg, Virginia
I completed the Still Life course and am a member in the Art Masters Program. I have sold several paintings. I can easily and enthusiastically say that both courses have been very valuable to me in terms of technical instruction, objective critique and subjective opinion. I have taken other courses at a local University, but most of them have been rather "mild" and not terribly helpful. I like to think I have been an Atelier student at the Daniel Edmondson Studio. It gives me confidence and desire to keep on paintn'. Best bucks you'll ever spend if you want to paint! Many Thanks, Dan! Heidi L. Madison, Wisconsin
I did not participate Michael Parks Pomeroy, Ohio
I don't know about your course because I haven't been able to afford it yet but I still want to say how much the tips you email have helped me I really look forward to receiving them and want to tell you how much I appreciate your generosity in sharing them Thank You so Much. Robin Woods Vancouver, WA
I enjoy watching Daniel Edmondson's videos and use many of his tips. I know that I can learn from Daniel Edmondson and plan to spend much more time learning with his Art Masters Program. Betty Hester Albany, GA USA
I find your videos very relaxing soothing when I get lost in the my painting I am absorbing multitudes of information that just automatically happens in my painting without me even realizing. I am no longer afraid to show my work. It just gets better Joanne Galyean Clermont. Florida
I fine your tips timely, relevant, and often have the "light bulb" moment wondering why I didn't already figure that out. Elaine Bailey Brevard, NC
I followed your suggestion of variety and interest in a still life. My recent poinsettia in an aluminal foil wrapping had a variation of color, shape of petals, which I was aware of creating. For this effort my art instructor was highly complimentary and I was quite pleased with it myself but, didn't mention I got the "tip" online. Also, the idea of differing the values, shading in still life painting. I am now more aware of watching that my paintings are not "boring." Thank you. Dorothy Wildhagen Bronx, NY
I have an effect I want... But don't know how to achieve..utube...always go first to Dan! He is amazing and I learn more than I could have in school! Donna Ree Anderson Atlanta
I have been doing the Still Life Course for a while now. I have only finished half of them, but I get really good feedback from my family members and friends. It has already helped me become a better painter. I did one of the paintings in acrylic (the pansies in a bowl). It turned out ok, but I learned that I like painting with oil paint much better. Sharron Pappas Toledo, Ohio
I have been painting still life oils, for 40 yrs quite successfully and your tips and comments have helped enormously. Thanks Dan Joan Melbourne australia
I have both oil and acrylics. I have the still life course and work one piece with acrylic then try the same lesson in oil to see the difference, Can't tell you how much I'm learning. Tips are great and the relaxation I get when I paint is invaluable to my creativity. Thanks for being such a good instructor. Therese S. Port Orange,FL
I have both your still life and landscape courses. I especially love the painting tips you give while painting on the DVDs. It's like having you there personally while painting. Sondra Becchetti Buckeye, AZ
I have completed 4 paintings in your still life series. My family is so amazed at how professional they look. They are already dreaming about marketing them. I'm not dreaming about that yet as I prefer to dream about my next painting. Ha! I was actually concerned about my first painting, so I sent it to Daniel for a critique. I was so amazed when he sent me a video critique!!! I made the changes per his suggestions and it's just perfect! I know that to take his painting class per week could expand my love and knowledge for painting. Joy Richmond Batavia, Illinois
I have completed the Still Life course and now working on the Landscape course. This has been a great investment for advancing my art knowledge and skills. Like many, I began painting as a hobby while watching a famous television artist. While I remain very grateful that my interest in painting was sparked using this technique, I soon found that I wanted to get to another level of art but did not know how to get there. I needed a class that encompassed everything from the beginner to the professional artist. I also wanted to be able to communicate with my instructor without necessarily going to a physical classroom. Lastly I wanted a class where the lesson was not only demonstrated but explained why a certain color or technique was used. I got all of the above and more from Dan's classes. Truly a remarkable teacher and great artist. Steve Ashmore Liberty, Mo.
I have enjoyed the still life course and the landscape course. I cant thank you enough for your inspirational advice and the difference you have made in my paintings! Thank you! Rob Horsey Salisbury, Maryland
I have enjoyed your tips. Jerome Lighthart Sycamore,IL USA
I have found your still life course very helpful in my development of a well rounded piece of art. I like being able to work from home at my own speed. Thanks for your support. Elaine Walker Butler
I have just discovered your videos, and am a "reluctant" painter. I need all the encouragement I can get, so I'm looking forward to the new year and having time to explore your tips much further. Thanks for putting this information out there for people like me! Cindy Wheeler Loomis, CA
I have just started viewing your painting tips. May I wait until I have seen more of your work? Joey Joey Chamberlain Ooltewah, TN USA
I have just started with painting one. My biggest problem with oil was wet on wet turning to mud. It took weeks to complete an oil painting due to waiting for it to get dry enough to continue. Very frustrating and especially discouraging. Therefore I changed to acrylics in the past and was much more comfortable with acrylics which dried quickly and allowed a second improvement or correcting layer. I have followed your steps and approach with oils and somehow have had success and finished my first painting in a day. Following your approach and steps have somehow worked for me. Thanks Jan Basson Pretoria, South Africa
I have learned more from my weekly lessons with you than in all the years I have been painting, thanks to your very calm and friendly directions and supportive critiques. The DVD course is just like having a teacher in the room. I am amazed at how much I have improved. Thank you so much! Jackie Sonoma CA
I have learned much from your weekly tips and look forward to seeing more. I was just about ready to purchase your 10 week C.D.'s but my glasses broke and so I have to start saving again. Maybe in a couple of month's I can order them. Diane C. Wisen Estero, Florida USA
I have learned so much about basic art and am, for the first time, able to translate traditional art into digital art using a blank digital canvas and I am amazed at my ability from just the lessons on this course! Sharon Beth Colton, CA USA
I have learnt a great deal from your twenty video lessons; still life and Landscape. My paintings do not look amateurish anymore. ZIA REHMAN USA, AUGUSTA, Georgia.
I have never taken an art course. I am now taking your still life course. I didn't realize I would learn so much in such a short amount of time. Thank you for all this information. Rose Ambrosini Austin Texas
I have not been able to afford any of the courses yet. I hope soon I will be able to do so. I'm looking forward to it! Just your videos and tips are very helpful to me. Teena Prentice Tempe, AZ
i have not been very good about painting so i am behind but i wanted to get the landscape lessons so when i retired and my wages are cut i will have the lessons. i learn a lot from just watching however. i know i have to paint to really learn and practice. marianne griffith harriman, tn
I have not done any of your classes as yet but hope to in the near future. Irene Horelbeke Murrells Inlet, South Carolina
I have not done your course, only watch some, Jean Salwen PA
I have not started your course yet, but will be glad to give a testimonial once I begin. Liz Moulin Dallas, Texas 75234
I have not taken these courses. Sorry. Eleanor Allison Branford, CT 06405
I have not taken your courses.
I have not yet taken your course/s. Kathleen Fruscione Las Vegas, NV USA
I have only completed 2 of the still life paintings and already I see a more professional finished look. Thank you Dan for your kind and encouraging critiques. Maria Rataiczak Virginia Beach, VA USA
I have only completed two sessions of the still life course so far and watched a few tips and trick, but I have already learned so much. I can't wait to go through this course and then start the next one. What I love about your lessons most is the calm way of teaching, the down to earth approach and the video critiques. Buying this course was one of the best things I have done so far to build a more solid painting knowledge as well as confidence into my own abilities. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible knowledge of painting. Marion Roberson Martinez, GA
I have only just discovered your website and the two tips I have watched so far-using color to lead one's eyes through the painting and using other's paintings as guides were very helpful. Judy Dorr USA
I have recently set up a part of my house for a studio, but lacked one really important item. A good tv to play your dvd's on!!! Waiting for my Christmas present to arrive!!! Whooohooo Love your courses!!! Thank you! Colleen Kelley Rolla, MO
I have significantly improved my work through your tips on shadows. Some of the tips, I learned in my long ago youth, but had forgotten. The right shadows make everything POP!!.It's never too late to improve. Billie Henry Dallas, Texas, USA
I have taken Dan's still life course and landscape course. I have noticed my painting skills improving with every painting. The best part of the course for me was Dan's personal comments on my work. He always found something nice he liked and always gave me ideas to work on that did not go over my head. He really wants to help artists get better and enjoy doing it. I can not thank Dan enough for sharing his knowledge of painting and making it affordable. To find such a talented artist and an excellent teacher is rare. It was a lucky day when I learned about Dan's online course. Donna Munsch Oshkosh, Wisconsin
I have taken many workshops over the years and some have been excellent, but your dvd instructions are so great and don't require travel, lugging around supplies, boarding the dogs, and all these petty annoyances. Wonderfully convenient and I can work at my own pace, in my own studio and believe me, Dan, I feel like you are an old friend, and don't get mad at me for talking back to you when I say "enough already", "slow down" or "speed it up a bit". Elinor J Richardson Georgetown, Texas
I have the still life and landscape and they are the best. You go in depth on each on of the lessons.... Virginia Reinhart Virginia Reinhart Louisville KY and Xx
I have the still life course and I have enjoyed it very much. There is so much information given and I love your technique. I work mostly with pastels but wanted to get more into oils. Your tips and encouragement are very helpful. Jenny Fuller Paducah, Kentucky
I have the Still Life Course DVDs and in comparing them to only one workshop I took years ago, I liked the DVD's the best. Although I was not in a room full of other artist, I was able to watch the DVD's many times before I did my painting. The first one I actually watched twice, then played the DVD stopping after each new thing you did, then I would paint that. If I missed something I was able to back it up the DVD and see what I had missed. In a live workshop, it appears to me, that if you miss something the teacher said or did....it was just gone forever. You might not have even noticed you missed something. I would highly recommend your DVD teaching method to anyone, but especially to those new to painting in oils. Your teaching method of demonstration, and discussing what you are doing as you go along is wonderful. Excellent course, and a real bargain for a price compared to workshops or weekly painting classes. Roena King Sealy, TX
I have to admit that I haven't purchased a course,I check out your tips and critique the past year I have gotten better and better,try to paint an hour or two each day.I can't keep a painting in the house,they are gone as soon as I finish them.thanks to your hints and thanks to you tom olden cape coral florida
I have tried some of them and have found them helpful (your painting tips) Janet Starn Alexandria, LA
I have two lessons left in my still life course and have just begun the landscape course. These have been a terrific value. Your demonstrations and especially the critiques have been so helpful. This is the perfect way to learn to paint! You are both an excellent artist and an excellent teacher with a down to earth approach that keeps it from being intimidating. I love it! Dani Zack Eugene, OR
I have watched all the DVD's on still life... but have not been able to paint.... Christmas ya know.. Pat Weekley Clovis, NM
I have your landscape course and your still life course. The way I use them is to pick a subject that I am having difficulty with and by going through and following your instruction, I find that my difficulties are resolved. I was finding it difficult to paint waterfalls, so I did one of your waterfall paintings on an 8 by 10 canvas. I entered it in a local art contest and won third place! Mike Strickland Hiram, Georgia
I haven't been able to actually sign up for one of your Art Programs reluctant to admit but must. This was due to spinal fusion surgeries. However, I have opened each e-mail sent to me and manage to go over and enjoyed each one as well as my body permitted me to do. I was limited by not being able to sit in many many of your wonderful tips frustrated by not being able to join in and participate. I look forward to continuing to do so. Thank you very much for each and every time I smilingly opened every bit of your messages and/or e-mails and demonstrations. Annette Cea Boca Raton, Florida
I haven't seen these, but will check into these.I want to incorporate my portrait skills into wildlife paintings. "george"E.L.Miley Oscoda Mi USA
I haven't started my course yet. Waiting until after Christmas and holidays are over. Nancy Pa
I havent' started the painting course but love the weekly tips.
I haven't taken your painting course yet, but am certainly intrigued by the sample videos in which you are able to draw in the viewer with your honest and natural teaching skill. My father was an art teacher too. You remind me a little of him. Very relaxed, open and glad to share all the painting tips to help your students. A perfect mix! I think I'm getting closer to signing up!!! Porter Richmond VA
I just did my first lesson, broke from my techniques and followed yours. In an hour I had a worthy painting my best critic (hubby) admired. Shucks I did it on a piece of scrap wood for practice. Oh well, it's good enough to hang anyway. Sandy Whitaker Missouri
I just watched the Snapdragons and Grapes video while eating lunch. The background done first, nearly in entirety is a new concept. I love it. Haven't done much still life but I'm looking forward to the classes. I've had some health challenge and am starting to be in recovery mode and painting more each day. My goal...paint a picture daily. Donna Green McKamy Billings Montana
I learned to use the same color value in shaded areas through out the painting to give a connected look and feel. G.E. Grifffith Houston, TX
i like the time you take 2 show us your paintings & woks,thanks. ashton carriere,ms
I like your presentations. Instructions are clear and understandable... easy to follow Rachel Ouellette Abingdon, Maryland
I like your sincerity of what you teach and strong passion for helping others to learn their hearts desire to be a good artist. Dominick Amedeo jr. Allentown, pa.
I like your tips, they are like I like to paint - impressions not photos. Dr. Dan Bozich Wenatchee, WA
I look forward to your insight into putting on canvas a sense of place that is more beautiful than it is in reality. Marilyn Wall Lanett, AL
I look forward to your tips because each one gives me something to think about Elisabeth Oakville canada
I love how simply you are able to convert something you see and turn it into a painting full of vibrance and energy. Your tips are priceless. Alika Kumar Glendale, AZ.
I love that you are so willing to share information about the art world. Not every artist is going to show in a gallery but all your tips can be used for artists that are locally selling at fairs. Thanks Chris Cruz Fort Lauderdale, Florida
I love your painting tips. They really make me think about the way I'm currently painting and why I'm doing it the way I am. Darlene Laursen Boise, idaho
I love your style. Even tho I don't paint often due to work load, family, etc., you inspire me to stay up with midnight oil to keep trying and you give me that goal that someday, I'll paint something I'll be proud of. Thank you, thank you...sincerely. Irene Tweedy Hamilton, IL
I loved the Still Life course and am enjoying the landscape course. I really find your critiques most helpful and encouraging--never expected, when I started, such personal help. And I find that a) having purchased the course makes me give myself take to paint (which otherwise I might deny to myself,) and b) makes me go ahead and try to paint a subject that otherwise I might not be attracted to knowing that the experience of trying will add something to my ability. Honor Haase La Crescenta, California
I must confess, I have only watched your videos and I am trying to retain the magnificient instructions before applying the paint. Hopefully I will be able to apply in 2014. Reruns of your videos are really helpfull. Thank you so much, Dan...You are TOPS! Blessings... Ethel Boggs Tulsa, Oklahoma
I never found a more helpful , direct, simple explanation of how to set up everything from color palette to actual palette and brushes to technique for painting safely and cleanly. No one else ever said, use the paint, wipe if off, squeeze it out, let it be wasted before you let yourself not paint. But most of all, Dan, you are the friendly teacher we all wish we had, who really teaches, not preaches, whose voice calms, demeanor welcomes, and who articulates like an easy to be around brother or neighbor. Painting can be scary. :0) Pam Chesnee , South Carolina
I purchased your landscape course and I subscribe to your regularly e-mailed studio tips. What I consistently find is that each video and e-mail is filled with very usable tips. Theory is one thing, practical application of theory is another. You excel at both and each of your lessons explode with valuable information for students and teachers. Also love your laid back style of teaching and passing on information. I'm a painting instructor, btw. Many thanks for all you do. Ruth Gorton South Portland, Maine
I recently completed the still life series and I'm now a different painter. I just started painting one year ago and my paintings looked amaturish. Now I have a web site and plan on displaying my paintings at local art shows. The course not only taught me valuable techniques, but it built my confidence tremendously. That alone made me a better artist. I plan on taking the masters series. Lou Ann Lake Worth, FL
I recently discovered your website and find your tips very helpful. Looking forward to seeing what your new program will be about. R'Lene Flower Mounnd. TX
I recently finished several still life paintings of apples, I received several of your tips showing ways of solving problems in your paintings. I was able to use your suggestions and solved problems that were stopping me in my tracks. The paintings turned our super and sold. Thanks so much, I really appreciate your help. Mike Flanagan (www.cowboyartist.com) Dayton, Wyoming 82836
I signed up for the still life series and loved the professional feedback - in fact I shared this course with some folks, and two more people signed up! Roseanne Campagna Maple Valley, WA
I still learn something from your painting tips even though I have been painting in different mediums for many years. Keep up the good work. Even more experienced artists can benefit from a little refresher . Janice Stratford, Ontario
I think that your tip are very helpful. I enjoy them very much. i Larry McNeil Benton, Arkansas USA
I think you are very helpful to beginning painters, and one tip I found helpful was to use master artists' work as a reference for things you are trying to paint. (you used grapes as an example) Meg Brooks Weston, CT
I took and completed the still life course. I learned so much in that course about which paints to use and when. How to set up a still life that will look balanced, interesting, and keep a viewer looking. People who see my paintings from that course love them. It really doesn't get better than that. Carolyn Case Pine Bluff, Arkansas
I took both landscape and still life, both courses were just what I needed to get me to the next level. It really is about painting everyday......practice then more practice, miles of canvas! Mary Spires Lancaster, ohio USA
I took your course over a year ago.I really enjoyed it and learned so much.My paintings hang in the dinning room,all six of the 8x10's.The tip you gave made a big difference in the way they turned out..I recommend this course to anyone,they wan't be disappointed,Thanks for the course .. Faye Gross Graham,Tex.76450
I took your still life course and it really helped me understand how to emphasize foreground and define what's really background information. I sorta of knew, but, you made it a lot more clear! I also love that you make the information so accessible and you are so willing to share with fellow artist! Thank you! carol ward Fort Worth, Texas
I totally enjoyed your still life course. the compositions were well done and your feedback was valuable. I would recommend your course highly Ed Kosiewicz Punta Gorda FL
I tune in to get ideas and input about still. Life. it's. Always helpful. Jain Fairfax Santa Rosa California
I value the consistency and the integrity of the information that I'm given and I value the motivation that it gives me Barbara Fogg Burnt Hills New York
I very much appreciate your web presence and your generosity to share your expertise. Klaus Knuth Brewster, New York
I want to buy your material, but you do not have the option to pay with credit or debit cards. Can you do something to update your financial operations. Carlos J. Reyes Margate, Fl. USA
I was so happy to come across your painting lesson series. I had not painted for a few years and the series is just what I needed to get going again. I love your style of painting and your paintings are somewhat of a masters level. I feel blessed to have this level of professional instruction. Your method of teaching is easy to follow; your instructions are step by step and spoken in a way to make the process fun that counters the stress of making mistakes. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and setting up the platform to do so. Karla Mira Loma, CA
I would have given up trying to paint in oils if I hadn't found your course in still life painting. I have finished most of them and they are hanging in my living room and every time I look at them....I am very proud that I painted them! I especially like the "finishing touches" you share with your students that make the paintings "pop".... Maryann Stephens Arlington, TX
I would like to see this program. Pamela Hughes Norman, OK USA
I would love to but I have just finished the first in still life so I don't think it would be much help. But I see improvement from prior painting just in the first effort...thanks! jane Virginia
I'm an experienced painter and appreciate your practical insights. They are helpful at keeping my imagination involved when sometimes my brushes may have to sit idle. I love being inspired. Thanks Dan, your like a brother that loves to share painting secrets which gives me an edge most people would give just about anything to have. Ann Woolsey Sellersville, Pa
I'm getting ready to start the fourth painting in the still life series, but I've already slipped ahead and watched all the but last two videos. I'm amazed at what a huge value the course it. I feel like my work has changed already and I feel a lot more confident. One comment you made in a critique video has changed everything about the way I work. I work more quickly, more confidently, and - I think - more beautifully. Kim Brecklein Harrison, AR
I'm just beginning to look at these tips but they seem to apply brilliantly to any kind of painting perhaps because they deal with the overarching why-Teaching that allows the student to become independent. This is an unselfish kind of teaching, true teaching.
I'm looking forward to have it seen. Cef Navelino Bulacan, Philippines
I'm new at oil painting, so every tip helps. Your painting tips help me see things I wasn't seeing in my paintings, so I can make them better . Besides, the tips about paintbrushes were excellent. Mirian Coral Springs, Fl
I'm new to your lessons but very much wanting to learn from you now that I've found you. Shirley Dawson White Hall , Arkansas
I'm too new. Marvin Vincent Shelby Twp. Michigan
Interesting to say the least. Sharron Grobner Bourbonnais il.
It gave me to courage to paint again Mark Fulp Durham, NC
It is always a pleasure to receive your tutorials and tips. They are always to the point and very professional. Your contribution to the society of would-be and upcoming artists is really great. Thanks! Bernie Borsten Miami, Florida
I've been painting for years but have lacked any instruction until taking your still life course. Now, finally, I feel like I am on the way to being the painter I have always wanted to be. The frustration is being replaced by enjoyment and I sincerely thank you for this wonderful course. You Rock! Daniel Miller Las Vegas, Nevada
I've enjoyed your painting tips, but I have not taken any of your courses. Jolene Kelm Houston, TX
I've never done any painting before this, was not sure if I would be able to do it but with your expertise, patience and kindness, I was able to complete several of the lessons. And, people have asked me to give them some of my paintings! Unbelievable! I'm so excited. Maybe with your encouragement, I'll try to sell them someday. I can't thank you enough for helping me accomplish a dream of mine to paint. I never thought I could do it. I guess its true "if you have a desire to do something, you probably can". Nancy Bellant Montverde, Florida
I've never had anyone willing to share such information. Some teachers fall short of showing you how to finish a portrait for instance Lula Chiasson Thbodaux, Louisiana
I've noticed that my paintings are much more painterly. That I don't have to put in everything I see to make it my own. Thanks for all your help. kathy trivison Orange, Ca USA
I've only been painting about 18 months. Started by taking lessons at local Hobby Lobby. Your lessons have given me knowledge, enjoyment, and most of all insight and encouragement that perhaps I do have a talent that needs development. More than I ever expected from an online course...it is much more than that!! MARY ANN WEBB BURNEYVILLE OKLAHOMA
I've only just started the still life course but have already learned a lot more about paint itself than I ever learned in college. Thank you so much for telling the whys as well as the hows. susie
later.....when I have painted with you ...I bought the course....have not had the time for painting a set up...the way you teach. I bought the course for my Grand children...sorry Rita Jones Jeffersonville, In
Looking forward to taking your course later this year because the tips are precise, clear, helpful, encouraging, well visualized and what can I say - you put hi-octane gas in the tank, Dan Jan Densmore Waveland, MS
My biggest problem is finishing work, and the tips offered weekly help me to complete my paintings. Jane Hume Craig, Colorado
My work has without any doubt assended to a higher level. The personal online critiques alone make Dan's courses worth taking. Robert Thurston Durham,NC
Not painting at the moment...too many other projects going on at the moment..... Sorry :-( Keep in touch... Goomis George Van Vechten Rogue River, OR
Not yet, I'm only on painting #3. I'm still gathering myself and figuring out where I'm gaining. I do know that I chose to take your course because you have a very kind voice :) L
Not yet. I haven't taken your course yet but I plan too, soon. Karen Moore Middletown, Ohio
Not yet; I haven't taken your course yet. Rosalie Spearville, KS
One of the things I particularly like about your lessons is your voice. It is very clear and even with my ancient ears I understand every word. Since I am alone a lot I sometimes replay a tape to get into the mood and remind me of all the good tips you give. Repetition, repetition. Jean Bellanger Granada Hills, CA
Only just started watching your painting tips videos, and being a new painter I very much enjoy them and your explanations, looking forward to using them Gini Mastic Beach, NY
Open-Ended Response Open-Ended Response Open-Ended Response
Our budget hasn't allowed me to order your courses, however, I am amazed at the progress I've made just following the tips you publish. I am still a beginner but I've gained so much confidence from practicing your suggestions and examples that I am willing to tackle even the most difficult paintings. Most of all, I've learned that a painting is never a failure only a collection of lessons learned! Thank you for your generous spirit in sharing your great talent. Janice Nichols Austin, TX
Over the years i have had a lot of art teachers, but none like you Dan. Your teachings are so conclusive and understandable which makes it a joy to paint with amazing results. Mildred Owen Racine, Wisconsin
Painting tips are invaluable, even if I haven't run into that particular problem I keep the info because the time will come when I need it. Donna Faye King Monte Alto, TX
painting tips have been very helpful - I am still working through the 7 mistakes amateurs make. John Kraft Baltimore, MD
Real practical tips for advanced painters. Nancy Hilden Davis California
Since I started the still life workshop I have been amazed at what I have accomplished through Dan's teaching. His critiques have been so helpful and where I have learned the mos because they bring to light issues that aren't on my radar. I feel like I'm on a roll and it's so much fun. Dan goes above and beyond with his tips and his willingness to not only critique the work but also to address any questions. I have also enrolled in his landscape workshop and can't wait to see what happens... Angie St Louis, MO
Sorry I cannot do that because I have not painted since viewing your free tips yesterday. New Mexico
Sorry never Sean any of your work. Just getting stared myself Sally Scottsville va
Sorry, but I just saw this painting info today. I am very interested. Marilyn Sabas Davenport, FL
Sorry, I don't even know who you are so I am honestly not able or willing to do that. Wendy hill Gilbert, az
Sorry, I don't have one yet. Hope it works out for me to take advantage of the tips and courses. C. Hollannd Eastern North Carolina, USA
Sorry, I have only watched short clips on the web. Jerry Ross Eugene, OR
Sorry, I haven't bought any of your courses, but I always watch your tips. Some of them were very helpful.
Sorry, I've never taken any of your courses. But if I had, I would be happy to give feedback. Nel Silver Spring, MD
Sorry, I've only read a brief article you wrote, but I'm definitely interested in learning more from you since I was fascinated by your description of transparent and opaque colors. I'm eager to use this knowledge in my next painting. Thank you. Linda Lanan Tucson, AZ
Thank you Dan! Awesome, informative, and from the heart. You clarify and teach in an easy to understand format. As a newbie at painting, theres so much to learn. I appreciate your weekly tips and lessons. Let's Paint! Tonda Nampaio Westcliffe, Colorado
Thank You Dan, for chance to share pleasure infinite opportunity, that painting gives us to prove, that we never finished learning. There is always some new shade of color, that changes our viewing on the objects of forms. Gitty Olenzak Pinellas Park, Florida
Thank you for all of the weekly tips you have shared with me. Not only are they helpful, but they've also inspired me to get to work on days I don't feel like going to my studio. C. Szper Wilmington, DE
the lastest one of the grapes is wonderful..i see how you made a clump of grapes have so much depth and the use of color more effective ..very nice!! carol Noxon, Montana...usa
The still life and landscape courses are superb, and invaluable in my effort to master the techniques that lead to superior work. I particularly appreciated and learned from Dan's encouraging, friendly yet careful critiques. Alan Pierrot Friday Harbor, Washington
the tips are a revelation and invaluable for the beginner like me Ray bennett Pencoed south wales uk
The tips are great and it helps to know there is always an answer to a question. Thanks for sharing! Marujita Champaign, Illinois
The tips I've seen in oil painting lessons on video, have given me more ideas and I have achieved better results. The important thing is that they look like professional work, which is what I want to express, greater quality and beauty. MkelMoRo Ciudad de México, México.
The tips you gave in your bonus DVDs with the still life course were so informative. I cannot tell you how much I learned from them, so simple, instructions of things I never thought to do on shading, color, and the reason things are done a particular way. It all made perfect sense and opened up a whole plethora of techniques new to this novice. Fantastic and informative. Diane Blackwell Carrollton. GA
The use of transparent and opaque in paintings and repetition of colors in landscapes Susan e.yamakawa Clayton,n.c.
The weekly painting tips are inspiring and helpful. Many seem like basic common sense but all too often I overlook that. Your tips remind me and help keep me on track George LaMont Broolsville, FL
The weekly tips keep bringing me back to painting. I think Dan is talking to me! Libby Neves Ft Gaines, Ga
These painting tips have given me the confidence to continue trying to improve my painting, and not give up. Sharon Burlington, VT
They are realistic, open and to the point without the superfluous fluffy lace edging many tutors attach to their tutorials. Ron Dempsey Leeton, NSW, Australia
Though I have not as yet been able to purchase the art disks, I truly do enjoy the daily small art info you share anyway.. many thanks for them. Barb Barb MAgnolia, Tex.
Tips are very insightful, interesting and helpful. I have yet to subscribe to courses of the Art Masters Program John White - johnjrwhi@comcast.net Nashville, TN
Unfortunately, I have not have time to do any of the still life paintings from your course. :-( Vonna Hlavka Henderson, NV
using Dan's tips, I am more satisfied with my painting than ever before. Michael Cieciorka Omaha NE
Using just one of your tips made it much easier to create the element of freshness that I was trying to achieve. John Hawthorn Despinos, Haiti W. I.
Using your techniques about lighting and focus, the depth facor comes to the forefront; sounds like a conflict of terms. But, ithas taken my ability to see the light and create form from forward to back, more professionally. Richard Woods Athens, Georgia - USA
Very helpul Frisco Montreal, Canada
want to start one of these lesson plans but have some Reservations about the time I have to give. Love your work and just the little I read in the news letters have helped me--so I know it would be beneficial. Just have to make the decision to dive in. Reading all the testimonials are getting me motivated Jan tigard, Oregon
Watching Dan's lessons is like being in private studio classes with a buddy. He wants you to understand the process. Dan works from general to specific, making sure that you actually see what he is doing so you can get the results you want. Nothing is glazed over, nothing is left to chance. It is a great way to teach and a wonderful way to learn. Thanks Dan. Reachel Mayeur New Orleans
When I look at my still life paintings prior to starting Dan's course, they lack depth, paint, and finishing details that transform an okay painting to a great painting. I have now completed four of the still life lessons in Dan's course and have learnt so much from basics of preparing a support, looking after brushes, laying out a palette, colour values, creating a visual path through a painting and how to use a photo as a starting point to create beautiful pieces of art. The lessons have helped me to take a photo as a starting point, but then not being bound to it so I can concentrate on my painting rather than reproducing an image. I've really enjoyed going through the lessons so far and look forward to completing the rest to take my paintings to a professional standard. I know I still have a way to go, but doing the course has been a great starting point and Dan's attitude of "loving the paint" is really encouraging, especially on those days when my "masterpiece" feels a world away from where I want it to be. Maria A Canberra, Australia
When I put these tips to work in my paintings,it gives me so much more confidence. I enjoy painting more than ever before. S. Day New York N.y.
When life keeps me away for the canvas for too many days in a row, Dan's dvd's give me a starting place to jump back in. So helpful to have in my toolkit. Sherree McKellar Kailua, Hawaii
Where can I begin? The courses are more than could be expected. The depth of explanation you do is so helpful that it makes painting fun instead of painful. Your work is beautiful. Your ability to explain the mysteries of painting enabling us to get a recognizable canvas. I never expected to come away with so much helpful information. Thank you for time you give us each week. Sue Stork Howell, NJ, USA
While I could go on and on about the value of the content in your still life course, what I have valued the most is your personal accessibility. If I am stuck or need help with a concept, you are there. Your input is always thoughtful, on point, and delivered in a timely manner -- sometimes by voice file which is great. Thank you, Dan, for your commitment to helping others develop their skill and pleasure in the art of painting. Vicki Kalman Kailua Kona, HI
Why I always give the Dan the credit when I receive compliments about my oil paintings is because he deserves it. Dan's teaching is so clear to understand and so fun that I believe it is the best way to learn. If I had a teacher like Dan in college I wouldn't have quit.I have sold 5 oil paintings since starting Dan's class last January. The best part of the course are the timely critiques I receive back from Dan in video form, which are always positive, uplifting and encouraging! Michelle Welles Windham, CT
would love to do so , but haven't started the landscape course until after Christmas and New Years when my company leaves. Loretta Rolison Ionia,MI
You are a fabulous artist, teacher and I learn so much from your remarks and videos--even thought I paint mostly in watercolor- I learn shadows, lights,set-ups, composition tips, marketing tips. cdculbertson@comcast.net Tucson, Arizona
You are absolutely, positively, unequivocally correct, when it comes to your weekly tips. AJ Hebert Tampa Bay, Florida
You are an artist in the way you teach art. Wow, keep at it, for many people are profiting , not necesserarily money wise,,but making them exceptionally proud !!! Bill Winkelman, Riverhead, NY 11901
You make me not afraid to do something, you have given me a belief in myself and made the impossible, possible. Susan R. Jackson Harbor Springs, MI
your class is outstanding and well worth the price. consider a workshop at $100 a day and you can't review it again sharen harris Wasilla AK
your course really did change my life see I have a Co-Occurring Disorder. And until I started painting I only saw myself drawing using graphite as my only medium,then I saw one of your video on you-tube I bought the still life program and now I have been painting for one year and three months .And with some of your still life instruction I have a few of those examples to typifies the painting that I am now conformable showing.And my painting thanks to you has tremendously improved. gregory butler Atlanta Ga.
your course took my art to a level that I didn't think I had in me. Ted LaPlante feasterville pa USA
Your courses have inspired me. They are easy to follow and end up with great paintings. I have tried other courses without any luck. By far the best teacher out there. Thanks Dan!. Loretta birmingham al
Your generosity is outstanding and so appreciated. For some reason I don't get every weekly tip... only about 1/4 of them. Kassius Beaverton, Oregon
Your generous tips break the clog and I become free to paint again. Thank you so much! Marleen Hoffman West Sacramento, Calif.
Your instruction and guidance has become a part of my daily routine. I have watched my paintings come to life as I apply your tutorage to my work! I watch the videos and listen to your tips, feeling as if I am part of an artists community and my paintings are blossoming with richness, depth and emotion. Thank you for giving us so much for such a reasonable price. I have never had formal art lessons, but I know that I would have spent a lot more money for a lot less learning than you have provided. Thank you again for all you have given us, your students. Patti Williams Trophy Club, Texas
Your instruction was the key that unlocked my potential. The before and after evidence speaks for itself. You are incredibly generous and "spot on" with your critiques. Margaret JOHANSEN Luck, Wisconsin
Your non judgmental approach to critics were invaluable to keeping the artist juices flowing tom jennerwein noank,ct
Your painting tips are the BEST! Your videos go into such detail and your talk to us in easy language that makes the experience awesome! Thank you so much. I especially liked the "palette" tips and the tips about using the same background colors tip. Helped me a lot! Can't wait to be able to take your Program. Diane Hancock Elkhorn Wisconsin
Your painting tips have helped me greatly. They gave me more reasons to keep on painting. Rosie Connecticut, U.S.A.
Your still life and landscape courses are the deal of the century for any artist or aspiring artist. I have learned so much from both courses. You are such a talented artist with such insight. As a teacher you are truly gifted. I watch your DVDs over and over again. They are just what I need when I can't get started. You amaze me with your willingness to share knowledge and your ability to make it easy to understand. Thank you. You have helped me gain a real joy from painting. Sandra Knight Houston, Texas
Your Still Life course was very informative and I enjoyed your instruction. I have applied a lot of what your videos demonstrate and I have grown as an artist. I plan to acquire the landscape DVD's next. Pam Michigan
Your tip about putting Jesso on a store bought canvas is like a miracle. What a difference it makes. ..like painting with butter on glass. Why don't they sell them with it on there? Lee Padula Delaware, Ohio
Your tips about edges, shading, and color values have greatly helped me improve my oils, and acrylic works. Your teaching methods are not intimidating as I have encountered with other instructors. Judith Harris Cross Creek, FL
Your tips and painting demonstrations have taught me more about painting than any classes I have taken in college. It's as if most instructors I have encountered are unwilling to share very much of what they know. Robin Goldsworthy Carmichael, CA
Your tips are practical and solve real problems. They help make more room for the pleasure of painting. That's what convinced me to order the Still Life course. It was waiting for me today when I returned from vacation. I can't wait to get started. Will Kirkpatrick Knoxville, Tennessee
your tips have made my painting more alive and vivid. Before your tips on high lighting my work were of little interest but now are much better and with each tip improve Robert Wales Apollo Beach Florida
your tips showed me my best painting was only an under-painting....that I have a long way to go before it is done. I have two full time jobs for which I am grateful, but they leave me no time for painting... yet. Kate Lowell Indiana
Your warm welcome always puts me at ease and I feel very lucky that I found your still life classes. I treasure each class, and all of the reference materials included. Each CD teaches something new and they are a wonderful learning tool that I can watch over and over again. Thank you for offering such a wonderful product! Yvonne Roque Plumas lake, California
Your weekly tips are always helpful and are valuable to me in developing new skills, thank you Dan! Gerald Pack Nashville, Tennessee
your weekly tips have been very encouraging in motivating me to paint more as well as giving me real tips that are relevant to my problems Don Moore Ft. Collins, CO




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