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  Frequently Ask Questions about The Weekly Painting Class  

Q: I this class for all skill levels?

A: This class is open to all levels


Q: how many months does the class go:

A: it is an ongoing class and will go until I run out of things to share....best to think of it as you would any other art class where you can start anytime and quit anytime...no long term commitment. When you want to quit just send my team an email and we will delete you from the billing interface.


Q: will there be individual critiques like the first two DVD courses?

A: No, the critiques will be done in a Webinar and Dan will pick a good representative sample of typical problems artist are having.


Q: I only want the lessons not the marketing stuff...can I get one and not the other at lower price?

A: No, there is so much good info it is still a great deal even if you don't use the marketing info.


Q: Can I keep my own style or do I need to paint like Daniel?

A: YES, we want you to keep your owns style and use what Daniel teaches to add more tools to your art toolbox.


Q: Do I have to keep up with all the other artists?

A: No, you work at your own speed and no one expect you to get every painting done.


Q: Do I have to share my paintings in the webinars?

A: No you do not have to participate in the webinars and we will not be able to critique everyone's painting anyway.


Q: How do the webinars work?

A: We will have these 3 times a month on either Tuesday or Thursday nights (time to be determined). This will NOT be where the painting demos take place. These webinars will be the time where we talk about the paintings, I do some critiques, talk about the marketing projects, and answer questions about our work. There will also be technical Q&A webinars for anyone that needs help with that aspect of the course, and even sometimes some bonus demos. It's very easy to get connected to the webinars and we will provide ALL the information you need to watch these. These webinars will be LIVE and for those that can't make it, DON'T WORRY. We will have all of the webinars recorded for you to watch at your leisure. These are going to be a lot of fun!


Q: Is there a refund policy?

A: Yes you can try it out for one week and if you decide it is not the best class you have taken I will refund your full payment.


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